LED light bar knowledge in waterproof


The effectiveness of 12V LED light strips in terms of waterproofing mainly depends on the design and material selection of the following aspects:

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Waterproof performance of led light bar

I have met many customers, when they use LED Light Bars for vehicles outdoors, if it is raining, they can especially feel the problem of vehicle lighting, especially when they are driving outdoors during a storm. Let us talk about today, what is the waterproof of the LED Light Bar.

Waterproof performance of off-road vehicle led light bar

Sealed Design

  • High-quality 12V LED light bars usually adopt a tight sealed design to ensure that the internal components of the light bar are not intruded by external moisture and dust. This can be achieved by using rubber seals, silicone seals or special sealants. Sealed design is the primary guarantee against moisture infiltration. At present, most of the led light bar for the car exterior truck adopt this sealed design.

waterproof material composition

  • Waterproof 12V LED strips are usually made of materials with excellent waterproof performance, such as waterproof PC (polycarbonate) casing, waterproof silicone packaging, etc. These materials can effectively isolate external moisture and humidity and protect the internal components of the light bar from damage. Even the small LED Light Bar is the same material.

LED Work Light waterproof apron

IP protection class

  •  IP (Ingress Protection) level is a standard for measuring the protection level of electrical equipment. 12V LED strips will usually be marked with an IP rating, such as IP67 or IP68. The number “6” indicates the level of protection against solid particles (such as dust), and the number “7” or “8” indicates the level of protection against liquids (such as water). A light bar of IP67 means it’s sealed against dust and can work in brief submersion conditions, and an IP68 light bar means it’ll work well under more severe water submersion conditions. The marine LED light bar is used on the water for a long time, so generally it needs to reach the protection level of IP68 to use it with confidence.

Test certification

  • High-quality 12V LED strips usually pass strict test certification, such as CE, RoHS, IP and other certifications. These certifications ensure the quality and waterproof performance of the light bar, allowing it to work reliably in harsh environments.

Installation method

  • The correct installation method is also crucial to the waterproof effect of the 12V LED strip. Make sure that the light bar fits tightly with the vehicle surface, and that the gasket and waterproof glue are properly installed to prevent moisture from penetrating.

LED Light Bar Bracket

  • The installation of the led light bar bracket is equally important, which can ensure that the led light bar will not loosen the various parts of the product due to the instability of the vehicle due to the road.


  • To sum up, high-quality 12V LED light strips can be effectively waterproof through sealed design, waterproof materials, appropriate IP protection level, and certification tests, ensuring that they can be used safely and reliably in different application scenarios such as trucks, cars, external tractors, boats, etc., and provide bright and stable lighting effects for vehicles.

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