Why are high-quality LED work lights crucial for night driving?


Discuss the importance of LED Work Light for night driving

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Why do you need to modify car lighting?

  • Original car lights have limited illumination and illumination distance, which has a great impact on safe driving at night. According to statistics in recent years, 30% of traffic accidents occur at dusk or at night when the lighting conditions are relatively poor. They are caused by poor visibility. Insufficient illumination is the main reason.
  • Therefore, the low beam, high beam, and auxiliary lights of the vehicle are modified and upgraded to enable the driver to identify road obstacles ahead at a greater distance and greatly improve the safety factor of driving at night. If you often drive on suburban roads or in the wild with poor lighting visibility, then professionally modified lights are very important, because this is the light guarantee for your outdoor lighting. This can give you a very important sense of security.
  • Lighting modification is actually not complicated. It is usually achieved by replacing the LED light source or adding an additional LED Light Bar.
Off-road vehicle driving at night

What kind of environment has lighting requirements for LED Work Light?

  1. urban night environment
    It is necessary to improve the brightness of low beam and emphasize the recognition of people and roadblocks.
  2. Highway night environment
    A powerful high beam from a very long distance is needed to ensure the range of vision.
  3. Rainy weather environment
    Products with high levels of rain and shock resistance are needed to prevent the impact of water haze
  4. Sand and dust environment
    Lamps with high sealing properties are required to prevent dust from affecting the light efficiency.
  5. Severe cold environment
    A stable light source that ensures that the light effect does not attenuate at low temperatures is needed
  6. beach environment
    Products with good salt spray and corrosion resistance are needed
  7. off-road environment
    Need products with excellent shock and vibration resistance and fast heat dissipation
Off-road vehicle quality

How to ensure that the selected LED Light can still work normally in harsh environments?

  1. Check protection level
    Choose products with higher waterproofing and dustproofing. Protection levels such as IP67 can effectively resist the erosion of rainy days, and can also prevent the impact on light in sandy, dusty and beach environments.
  2. Confirm suitability for use environment
    Choose products with a wide operating temperature range to ensure they can adapt to severe cold or high temperature environments and reduce the risk of damage in such harsh environments.
  3. Shell material is corrosion-resistant
    Housings made of aluminum alloy or ABS can effectively resist the effects of corrosive conditions such as salt spray.
  4. Product life
    Long-term use of the product will also consume the product’s life, and the circuits and lighting panels of the LED Work Light will also suffer losses. When choosing a good product, you should also pay attention to the product’s service life.
The importance of LED Work Light when driving at night

On what basis should we choose the right product?​

  • Suitable product size
    The appropriate size can reduce a lot of trouble during the installation process and eliminates the need for secondary debugging; if the size is inappropriate, additional accessories will need to be added to modify the car.
  • Brightness and irradiation distance
    This determines the scope and size of the field of view at night. The high beam irradiation distance usually needs to be more than 300 meters, the lumen value is more than 5000, and the wattage is 40W-120W to meet the needs of general night driving. Of course, the higher the wattage, the brighter the light, which is great for viewing when driving at night.
    The low beam needs to ensure an irradiation range of about 80 meters, a lumen value of more than 3,000 lumens, and a wattage of 25-80W. This can illuminate the area in front of the car and emphasize short-distance road conditions and obstacles.
  • The importance of protection level
    For automobile headlights, the level of waterproof and dustproof protection is directly related to whether they can adapt to the test of use in complex road conditions. A higher level of protection means greater adaptability.
    Products with IP6K4 protection level can resist contamination from dust particles with a diameter greater than 1 mm, and can also work normally under the impact of watering from any direction. This can basically meet the needs of ordinary harsh environments.
    The protection level of IP6K9K means that it can withstand the impact of high-pressure water flow, and the dust-proof level is completely dust-proof. This is the highest level of protection currently available for automotive lighting products. This level of protection can adapt to extreme weather environments such as sandstorms and thunderstorms.

Therefore, for cars that need to be frequently used in complex road conditions, we strongly recommend choosing products with high protection levels. This will greatly reduce the risk of damage to the product from the external environment, allowing you to maintain good performance in various harsh external environments. Good lighting visibility.

Considering the importance of ensuring safe driving at night, car lighting modification is very important. Therefore, when choosing modification products, you must fully consider the adaptability of the external environment and choose products suitable for the car model. In addition to choosing products that fit the car model, you also need to pay attention to the various parameters of the product and choose lighting accessories that have better performance and can be used for a long time in various harsh environments, to obtain better safety protection.

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