Introduction of accessories that affect the operating life of LED work lights


The LED work light is assembled by shell, circuit board, lens, waterproof glue, connecting wire and screws. At the same time, they will also affect the service life of LED work lights.

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LED WORK LIGHT Composition Accessories

The material of the casing is generally made of aluminum and iron or plastic.

The difference in materials will affect their heat dissipation effect and service life. The advantages of aluminum housings for LED lights: stamping resistance, long life, strong adaptability, and can be applied to various outdoor environments; Corrosion, easy to rust; if the shell is made of cheap plastic, it is not resistant to high temperature, it is easy to stop working in a high temperature environment, and may even burn.

LED WORK LIGHT shell reference

A good aluminum LED work light housing can still be used normally after 50,000 hours of use in various environments. If the housing is made of plastic, it is easy to greatly reduce the service life of the LED work light.

How will the LED circuit board affect the aspects of the product?

The LED circuit board consists of different LED lamp beads, which will affect the voltage, wattage, color temperature, lumen value and RGB color of the light, luminous brightness and intensity.

Different materials of LED circuit boards can affect the heat dissipation effect of the light board, and can withstand the heat dissipation effect of high-power lamp beads; different LED lamp beads will have different effects, and can have monochrome, multiple colors, and different color temperature effects , The different quality of lamp beads can make the power and voltage value of the product different. The electronic components can control the use of the circuit board, allowing the circuit board to perform stroboscopic and monochrome flashing modes.

LED LIGHT lamp bead

Function introduction of lens and waterproof glue

  • Lens introduction

    The lens is generally composed of polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are not only thinner and lighter than traditional plastic lenses, but also have strong scratch resistance and impact resistance, and can prevent ultraviolet rays from passing through and high-temperature corrosion.

  • Introduction of waterproof glue

    Waterproof glue is generally composed of a rubber ring and a layer of waterproof paint, which can protect the product even in rainy days and prevent rainwater from eroding the inside of the product.


  • The product life of LED work lights is assembled by accessories of different materials, but the prices of different materials are different, and the service life of expensive materials is the longest. Aluminum is much cheaper than iron.
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