RGB 10W or 40W LED Forklift Light

Three colors RGB U-shaped forklift LED work light

Experience Illumination Redefined with our Forklift LED Work Lights. Featuring high-power Osram or Cree LEDs, these lights operate seamlessly on 10-80V DC, offering either 10W or 40W LED power for tailored brightness. With reverse polarity protection and double-insulated silicon rubberized wire, they excel in durability, weathering temperature extremes. Available in vivid red, blue, or green, their aluminum die-cast housing, PC cover, and stainless steel bracket ensure robustness. Thriving in -40°C to 80°C, they offer optional arch beam patterns, 50,000+ hours lifespan, IP67 waterproofing, and EMC certification, alongside E9/CE compliance. Illuminate your forklift’s path with unwavering brilliance.

Product certification

LED WORK LIGHT Rohs certification
LED WORK LIGHT E- Mark certification
LED WORK LIGHT FCC certification
LED WORK LIGHT CE certification
LED WORK LIGHT WEEE certification

Product Features

Product Parameters

Brand Name Teehon
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Warranty 1 Year
Type LED forklift lights
Power selection 10W or 40W
Voltage 10-80V
Working voltage 10-80V
Output light type U-shaped light
Waterproof IP67
Color Red or blue or Green
Material aluminum die-cast housing, PC cover, stainless steel bracket
Function Anti-interference function (EMC)
Features Reverse polarity protected Double-insulated silicon rubberized wire, can bear very low&high temperature

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