Where should we start to understand truck work lights?


We should have an in-depth understanding of truck lights from specifications, design, materials, needs and places of use to choose the product that suits us.

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Truck LED Work Light Usage Modes and Color Temperature

Beam mode: Compare the specific application scenarios and efficiency of spot light (providing long-distance concentrated illumination, suitable for long-distance driving) and flood light (providing broad, close-range illumination, suitable for work).

  • Spot Light: Provides concentrated and powerful long-distance lighting, suitable for long-distance driving, especially when it is necessary to identify road signs, roadblocks or wild animals from a long distance. It can focus light on a smaller area, helping drivers see distant targets more clearly and improving driving safety.
  • Flood Light: Provides soft close-range lighting, suitable for work periods such as loading and unloading cargo, construction operations, etc. It can cover a larger area, illuminate the entire work area evenly, provide staff with a good working environment, and improve work efficiency.

Color temperature: The impact of different color temperatures (3000K warm white light and 6000K cold white light) on visual perception at night, as well as the effect of light and shadow on driver fatigue

truck light beam

Optical design and material quality

Lens material: Detailed comparison of polycarbonate lenses and glass lenses in terms of impact resistance, abrasion resistance and light transmittance.

  • Impact resistance

    Polycarbonate Lenses: Polycarbonate lenses offer high impact resistance and are often used in applications that require extra protection, such as sports and safety glasses.

    Glass lenses: Glass lenses have poor impact resistance and are fragile. Once impacted, they may break and may cause injury.
  • Wear resistance

    Polycarbonate lenses: Polycarbonate lenses have good wear resistance and are relatively resistant to scratches and wear, making them suitable for long-term use.

    Glass lenses: Glass lenses have high hardness and strong wear resistance, but are easily damaged when hit by heavy objects or dropped.
  • Transmittance

    Polycarbonate lenses: Polycarbonate lenses have high light transmittance, can provide clear vision, and have good anti-glare effect.

    Glass Lenses: Glass lenses also have high light transmittance, but may produce reflections or glare at certain angles.
Polycarbonate lenses

Scenario analysis of lighting requirements

Specific needs for lighting intensity and range through different work environments (urban, field, emergency)

  • Urban transportation: In urban transportation, trucks usually need to drive on busy urban roads, so they need to have good lighting systems to ensure safe driving.
    LED WORK LIGHT can be installed on the front, side and rear of the truck, providing a wide lighting range and high-brightness light to enhance vehicle visibility and alert other drivers.
    In urban environments, LED WORK LIGHT also needs to be waterproof and dustproof to cope with the adverse weather and environmental conditions that may be encountered on urban roads.


  • Long-distance transport: During long-distance transportation, trucks need to travel in a variety of road and environmental conditions, including highways, rural roads, and mountainous roads.
    LED WORK LIGHT can be installed on the front and top of trucks, providing long-distance and wide lighting range, helping drivers see the road and surroundings more clearly at night and in bad weather.
    LED WORK LIGHT also needs to have durability and stability to cope with long-term continuous use and complex road conditions to ensure the driving safety of truck drivers.


  • Field work:During field operations, trucks may need to travel in complex terrain and environments such as remote areas, deserts, forests, and mountains.
    LED WORK LIGHT can be installed on the front, side and rear of the truck, providing powerful lighting effects to help drivers drive safely at night and in bad weather.
    LED WORK LIGHT also needs to be waterproof and dustproof, durable and cold-resistant, shock-resistant and drop-resistant to cope with the complex environmental conditions and operating requirements in the wild.

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